Karin Schaefer's Paintings


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Artist's Biography

    Karin Heausler Schaefer is a New Orleans artist who studied art at Delgado College and The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. Trained as a draftsman, Karin began to explore the visual arts. Strong influences on her work has been Matisse and Dufy whose fluid, lyrical brushstrokes show up again and again in her paintings and drawings. She is also very open in her admiration for her teachers and contemporaries Margaret Evangeline, Allison Stewart and Haydee Dominici.
    Her highly expressionistic style captures the movement and rhythm of nature in all its forms. You may also sense a fleeting moment in time, soon to be lost. There is a visceral, inspiring quality to her original works of art. It is through her subjects of botanicals, the human figure, and other natural forms that her spiritual freedom is revealed.

Botanical in Blue #4

Botanical in Blue #5

Botanical in Blue # 6